Riots of 1984 are Genocide for Sikhs

Anti Sikh Riots

Riots are painful to read and difficult to write. So, for someone who gone through a riot, it is a matter of unimaginable pain.

When we were trying to understand the History of Riots in India

I personally was shocked to know about their quantity of deaths. But in between them there were some who had extreme quantities of deaths.  

And we decided to make separate articles for them.

While reading about riots, we happened on a mass murder which targeted a particular community.

It was condemned worldwide and even the U.S. have to give a statement on this matter.

The actions of the government were widely questioned even today !!

So we decided to make our readers aware of a mass genocide happened 1984 in Delhi with the Sikh community.   

Beginning of Riots :-

This tragedy happened after the Assasination of Indira Gandhi by her two Sikh Bodyguards.

Riots after assassination of Indira gandhi

She was assassinated on 31 October 1984. The Anti-Sikh Riot was totally spread throughout India. Around 6,000 to 17,000 Sikh lost their lives in these riots.

Reason and outcome of Riots :-

Indira Gandhi was assassinated shortly after she launched Operation Blue Star. It was conducted to secure the Harmandir Sahib Sikh temple in Amritsar, Punjab in June 1984.

Resulted in a bloody fight with armed Sikh groups who were demanding greater rights and self government for Punjab. 

Around 20,000 Sikhs fle the city after this mass murder occured. Many people believed that the massacre was organised including the Human Rights and some newspapers.

The conspiracy of Indian National Congress officials in the violence separated Sikhs and increased the Khalistan Movement.

According to Wikileaks cable Leaks, the United States called the riots as the “Opportunism” and “Hatred” of Congress Government towards the Sikh Community. 

The CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) believed that the mass murder was organised with the support of Delhi Police and Central Government Officials.  

Delayed and Incomplete Justice :-

It is said that “the delay in justice is the justice denied” and this case has been delayed for 34 years and in 2018, Congress leader Sajjan Kumar was arrested and was sentenced to life imprisonment by Delhi High Court. 

Even after so many years only one death penalty was given to one of the murderer of Sikhs.

Throughout time many investigations have been conducted by different agencies but the late justice happened after 34 years. 

The question is that the murder of more than 6,000 sikhs was done by only teo people ?

The light of justice is still to befall on this mass genocide. The killings cannot be forgotten and at least getting complete justice would have made a small relief on those wounds on the heart of Sikhs.   

Many things are yet to come and the Sikhs are still waiting for justice.