Riots of Gujarat in 2002

Riots of Gujarat

When we were searching for Riots in Independent India we came across Kashmir Riots, Anti Sikh Riots and many more riots. 

After that, there was a riot which contained the name of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

So, we started to read about this riot.

And came to know that many different communities were involved in Gujarat riots.

Let’s read about the Gujarat Riots :-

It all started after the Godhra kand.

Godhra kand was a three-day period of internal communal violence in Gujarat.

On 27 February 2002, Sabarmati Express was set on fire and 59 people died.

Beginning of Riots in Gujarat

According to Nanavati- Mehta Commission‘s 6 years of investigation, they submitted a report.

The report says that the fire was an act of arson was committed by a mob of 2,000 locals.

Maullvi Hussain Haji Ibrahim Umraj and Nanumiyan were the mastermind of this incident in the report.

The court sentenced 11 death penalties, based on murder and conspiracy.

The court life imprisoned 20 other accused by the court.

Aftermath of Godhra Kand :-

This was the beginning of many Gujarat riots in 2002.

Violence spread through Gujarat for the next one year, many cases like Best Bakery case, Bilki Bano case, Avdhoot Nagar Case, Danilimda Case, Eral case, Perjury case, Dipda Darwaza case, Naroda Patiya massacre, Pavagadh and Dhikva case.

Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2002 and he was charged for deliberately ignoring the violence in Gujarat. 

According to official reports ,1,044 people died, 223 were missing and more than 2,500 were injured in the riots

However, the SIT (Special Investigation Team) appointed by the Supreme Court cleared the name of Modi in 2012. It rejected the claims that the state government had not done enough to prevent the riots.

Many people disbelieved the reports of SIT and made allegations that Sit had suppressed the evidence. 

However, in April 2014, the Supreme Court of India expressed satisfaction over the SIT’s investigations in 9 cases related to violence and rejected a plea contesting the Sit reports as baseless. 

Any kind of riots are just a big stain on our nation’s democracy. We must understand that Violence can never be the answer to any action. 

There is no need for violence in our country. It doesn’t matter who started it or who ended it.

In the end, only Indians died and those lives will never come back. 

At the end the one who lost is humanity.