Ruby brings praise in society and glow your destiny like sun

Ruby Ring

Destroy your enemy conspiracy

Boost your confidence

Remove all negative energy

Inculcate leadership ability

Ruby Ring


Ruby is the king of all gems. From ancient times Emperor used to embed Ruby in their crown. The Beneficial effect of the sun will be achieved after wearing Ruby Gemstone. Wherever you stay, surrounding people will feel your power and they want to be with you as a follower always. You will get respect because of your domination.

Who can wear

Horoscope with sun is placed benefic house like 1st 5th 9th and 10th then you can wear Ruby Gemstone. Aries, Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius present in lagna then sun is beneficial.

Planet Sun friendly with lagnesh or present in self house or place with Cancer and Pisces then wearing Ruby gemstone is beneficial for them.

If sun is placed present in 6th 7th 8th and 12th house then you should never wear this gemstone. If the Sun is auspicious but present in a bad house then this Gemstone is advice to power to give it power.


Chances of getting a Government job increase by wearing this Sun Gemstone.

Wearing of this gemstone allows you to have a high position, cardinal relation with your father, a positive effect for business and boost your confidence.

People who really want to do extraordinary things in the field of politics, for promotion, administration then you should wear Ruby.

If you work in the field of administrative work, scientist, jurisdiction, jewelry or pursuing your paternal business or owner of a big company then you should definitely wear Ruby gemstone.

Native who are suffering from a disease related to brain, eyes, Cardio, bone then wearing Ruby gives positive results to them.

How to wear:

Ruby Pendant

If you are planning to wear Rubiesfor astrological benefit then the weight of this gemstone is more than 3.00 carat. Some astrologists suggest wearing the 10th part of bodyweight.

Ring is wear in Ring finger. One can also wear a pendant of this Gemstone.

Sunday is best for wearing this Gemstone.

Sub Stone of Ruby:

People may think what is the need for a sub stone if Ruby is sufficient for the benefic effect of Sun? But the original Rubies is not affordable for everyone. Therefore they used to wear sub-stones which are much cheaper than this. Among sub-stones Garnet Rubellite is famous. But one should take precaution that the weight of a sub-stones should not be less than 6 carat or double of the 10th part of body weight.


This Gemstone should not wear along with Blue Sapphire, Diamond, Hessonite, and cats eye. If one is suffering from high blood pressure, high fever, contagious disease then they should avoid This Gemstone.


You will find the majority of two types of Ruby Gemstone: New Burma and Burma. Burma Ruby is very popular and the price is also very high. Normally Burma ruby started from 10000 per carat and their higher range unexpectedly anything in million rupees.

However, the price of New Burma Ruby is very low as compared to Old Burma Rubies. Most people wear New Burma gemstone because old Burma Rubies are very expensive.

Apart from above two African and Mozambique Rubies are also present in the market. But their demand is very low. And their price starts from 2500 per carat.