Shiva Abhishekam

Shiva Abhishekam

Shiva Abhishekam is usually performed to a Lingam representing his manifestation as a creator of good. In many temples, one finds a vessel hung over the Lingam, that continuously drips water or other offerings onto the Lingam in deference to Shiva desire for Abhishek. Mondays are seen as an auspicious day for offering prayers to Lord Shiva. You can offer your prayers and seek his support against your worries by performing Shiva Abhishek.

  • On Monday, it is believed that Hindu faith devotees should offer prayers to Lord Shiva.
  • Shiva Abhishek is a way of offering respect to Shiva; by pouring water or milk over the lingam or the shivling.
  • You can also use items like ghee, curd, honey, sandalwood, etc to perform Shiva Abhishek; each of them have their own benefits.

Different Shiva Abhishekam

Shiva Abhishekam
  1. When you pour water on the Shivling or the lingam, it calms your mind and frees you from all the negative energy.
  2. Performing Shiva Abhishek pleases Lord Shiva and he then charges or freeing us from our worries and problems.
  3. If you offer him milk, then that offering brings you longer life and freedom from diseases.
  4. Shiva is responsible for providing relief (moksha) in the cycle of death and life. Every Monday, you should offer him Ghee to gain Moksha State.
  5. For those who have been struggling with their finances, you should offer rice water to Shiva to free yourself from any debt situation.
  6. In case you are struggling with chronic health diseases then you should perform Shiva Abhishek with Sugarcane. If you offer sugarcane juice to Shiva, he blesses you with good health and it also frees you from enmity.
  7. Offering sandal paste during the Shiva Abhishek brings you Lakshmi’s grace and good luck.
  8. Shiva blesses you with the enjoyment of life and internal satisfaction when you offer him coconut juice.
  9. Shiva gives you wealth if you offer a mixture of some of these ingredients like a ripe banana, jaggery, candy sugar, seedless dates, honey, dry fruits, etc. 
  10.  It is believed that Bholenath grants you all your wishes if you offer him lotus flowers during the Shiva Abhishek.

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