Shivling- an ancient science

Shivling as Nuclear reactor

Shivlings are Nuclear Reactors ?

This question arises when some scientists tested the radiation level in whole India. And they found out that except for the Bhabha Atomic Reactor all the places with high radiations are Jyotirlingas. They are the representation of Lord Shiva in Sanatan Dharma. 

Many people will reject it by saying it is just a coincidence.

So for them let me tell you some points that are scientifically proven :-

  1. The shape of Shivling is the most suitable shape for a nuclear reactor as no other shape can withstand such tremendous energy released during nuclear reactions. Shivlings require water so that they remain calm just like nuclear reactors need a constant supply of water for cooling. 
  1. The offerings submitted to Shivling like Datura, Belpatra are all nuclear energy soaking.
  1. Not just India’s Bhabha Atomic Reactor is shaped like a shivling but many reactors of different countries are also shaped like Shivling. As it is the best shape for a nuclear reactor. 

Shape of Shivling :-


The Lingam is shaped like an egg and represents “Brahmanda” or the cosmos. There are two types of Shivling. One is a black meteorite egg-shaped stone. The other one is man-made and is solidified mercury which is also a vedic science.

Shivling represents the totality of the cosmos and the cosmos. It is an ellipsoid which has no beginning, nor end. 

Now let’s talk about the geography of Shiv temple in India :-

All the important Shiva temples from Kedarnath to Rameshwaram all lie in a straight longitudinal line which is 79°E 41’54 ′′ Longitude.

But think about how it is possible to do this without any satellite technology. It is a mystery that is still unsolved but even if there was a technology capable of this work. Then it must have been an advanced technology. 

Sanatan Dharma claims that Ujjain is the center of the world more than 2050 years ago. Around 100 years ago when the imaginary line “Tropic of cancer” was found, it also proved that the Ujjain is the middle part of it. Even today, scientists come to Ujjain for information about the sun and space.      

Hinduism and Science :-

Hinduism does not oppose science. It does not even oppose other religions. Science is all about learning, continuing efforts to discover and increase human knowledge of the physical and material world through observation and experiment. But Hinduism has the answers to questions which are even not answerable by science.

It is unfortunate that the great work by our ancestors is misinterpreted. But at the same time we are fortunate to witness the practices and literature left as legacy. The discovery of today’s scientists have shown the findings of the ancient Hindu sages were meaningful.

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