South Indian Industry: Rival of Bollywood

South Indian Industry

South Indian Industry is a part of the Cinema Of India.

South Indian industry is now emerging as the biggest rival of Bollywood (Hindi Industry)

Our team of Encycloindia is now going to enlighten everyone about this great industry.

South Indian Cinema refers to the four different film industries based in South India. 

These industries are as follows :-

  • Tollywood based in Hyderabad South Film Industry Tollywood
  • Kollywood  based in Chennai South Film Industry Kollywood
  • Mollywood based in Kochi South Film Industry Mollywood
  • Sandalwood based  in Bangalore South Film Industry Sandalwood

These industries are based on the regional languages in South India.

Therefore languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam are the languages of South Industry. 

South Indian cinema represents over 50-60% of total revenue of Indian Cinema. 

Swamikannu Vincent builts the first cinema of South India in Coimbatore. He also introduced the concept of ‘Tent Cinema’.

“Edison’s Grand Cinemamegaphone” was the first Tent Cinema in Madras (Chennai)

After the establishment of four movie studios in Chennai, it became the capital for studio activity in South India. The names of the studios were Modern theaters, Central Studios, Vijay Vauhini Studios , Gemini Studio. 

Arrival of films in South Indian Industry:-

Arrival of films in South India was in the form of silent movies.

The First Madras (Chennai) production film ‘Keechaka Vadham’ was the first silent movie of South Indian industry in 1918. R.Nataraja Madaliar was the producer and director of the film.

He also established the ‘India Film Company Limited’. 

The arrival of audible movies in South Indian Industry started when the first audible film “Kalidas” was released on 31 October 1931.

“Talkies” is the popular term for audible movies and as a result they quickly became famous and their number increased rapidly after the major commercial success of “Lavkusa”.

At that time, the first Kannada talkie (Sandalwood), Sati Sulochana also appeared in theaters with Bhakta Dhruva and they too became a major success.  

By 1947, Malayalam Films (Mollywood) continued to be made by Tamil producers until the first major film studio Udaya was established in Alleppey, Kerala by Kunchako, a producer and director in Malayalam industry (Mollywood).

Nowadays there is no one who doesn’t know about the epic movie Bahubali: The Beginning but very less know that this movie was the start of a new cinematic movement “Pan India”. 

They understood the fact that their dubbed version and the remake of movies are very much loved by the public of North India, so they began the Pan India movement, by which they will release their movies in other languages simultaneously with their original format in all of India and they received great love and respect from all of India.