The 7th Most Powerful Navy Of The World


The Indian Navy is the seventh most powerful Navy in the world.

It was founded on 26 January 1950.

शं नो वरुण:”. 

The Motto Of The Indian Navy

The President Of India is the supreme commander of The Indian Navy.

The CNS(Chief Of Naval Staff) commands the The Indian Navy.

The Indian Navy contains 67,252 active personnel and 75,000 reserved personnel in service. 

It commands a fleet of 150 ships and submarines and 300 aircrafts.

Indian Navy Includes :-

  1. 2x Aircraft carrier
  2. 1x Amphibious transport dock
  3. 8x Landing ship tanks
  4. 10x Destroyers.
  5. 13x Frigates.
  6. 1x Ballistic missile submarine.
  7. 16x Conventionally powered attack submarine.
  8. 24x Corvettes.
  9. 1x Mine countermeasure vessel.
  10. 4x Fleet tankers.
  11. Auxiliary vessels.
  12. Patrol boats.
INS Vikramaditya in Indian Navy
INS Vikramadiya in service since 2013

The India has two Aircraft carriers. One is INS Vikramaditya which succeeded INS Vikrant in 2013.

The Second Aircraft Carrier is INS Vikrant which was inducted in 2022.

INS Jalashwa is the only amphibious transport dock in The Indian Navy.

India currently has 10 Destroyers of four classes:-

  1.  Visakhapatnam Class.
  2. Kolkata Class.
  3.  Delhi Class.
  4. Rajput Class(Decommissioned).

India currently has 8 Landing ships of three classes:-

  1. Shardul Class
  2.  Magar Class
  3.  Kumbhir Class.

India currently has 13 Frigates of four classes:-

  1. Shivalik Class
  2. Talwar Class
  3. Brahmaputra Class
  4. Godavari Class

India has 16 conventionally powered attack submarines of Four Classes :-

  1. Arihant Class
  2. Shishumar Class
  3. Sindhughosh Class
  4. Kalvari Class

India currently has 24 corvettes of Five Classes :-

  1.  Kamorta Class  
  2. Kora Class
  3. Khukri Class
  4. Veer Class
  5. Abhay Class 

The Indo Pakistani War of 1971 :-

The world has witnessed the power of The Indian Navy in the Indo-Pakistani Naval War in 1971. The result was Pakistan lost 3 Patrol Boats and 4 Gun boats and India didn’t even lose a single boat in 15 days of battle (2 Dec- 16 Dec) and Pakistani eastern command surrendered.