The Landing Ship Tanks Of Indian Navy

Landing Ship Tanks

Landing Ship Tanks are the amphibious warcraft vessels used to land the tanks at beaches.

Indian Navy has 8 landing ship tanks of three classes

1. Shardul class 

2. Magar class

3. Kumbhir class

Shardul Class

Shardul class ships are built at Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers for the Indian Navy.

Landing Ship Tanks
INS Airaavat

They are amphibious vessels capable of displacement of 5,650 tons.

  • Their Dimensions are:-
  • Length:- 125 m
  • Beam :-17.5 m
  • Draught:- 4 m

They can gain a speed of 30 km per hour.They can carry 10 armored vehicles 11 MBT.

They can also deploy 500 Troops.

The staff required to operate this ship are 11 officers, 145 sailors.

These landing ships are equipped with:-

2x WM-18 rocket launchers

4 CRN-91 AA guns.

Shardul Class ShipsHomeport Commissioned Status
INS ShardulKarwar4 January 2007Active
INS Kesari Port Blair5 April 2008Active
INS AiravatVisakhapatnam19 May 2009Active

Magar Class

INS Magar

The Magar class is currently in active service of the Indian Navy.

They are designed and built by Hindustan Shipyard Limited, and their fitting work completed at Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers.

They are amphibious Warfare vessels.

Their design is based on round table class ships.

They have a full load capacity of 5,665 tons.

  • There dimensions are:-
  • Length :- 120 m
  • Beam :-17.5 m
  • Draught :- 4 m.

Their maximum speed can be 28 km per hour.

They can carry 15 tanks and 8 APCs and can deploy 500 Troops.

They are equipped with :-

4 Bofors 40 mm/ 60 guns

2 x 122 mm multiple barrel rocket launchers..

Magar Class ShipsHome PortCommissionedStatus
INS MagarKochi 18 July 1987Active
INS GharialVisakhapatnam14 February 1997Active

Kumbhir class

INS Kumbhir

Kumbhir class landing ships are the medium amphibious Warfare vessels of the Indian Navy.

There are 8 completed ships of Kumbhir class in which 5 are retired and 3 are in active service.

They have a standard displacement capacity of 1120 tons and the maximum speed is 33 km/ hour.

  • Their dimensions are:-
  • Length 83.9 m
  • Beam 9.7 m

They are equipped with SRN 7453 radar.

They are also equipped with:-

2 x AK-230 30 mm guns

4 x CRN-91 AA guns.

Kumbhir Class ShipsHome PortCommissionedDecommissionedStatus
INS GhorpadVisakhapatnam21 December 197411 January 2008Decommissioned
INS KesariVisakhapatnam15 August 19758 May 1999Decommissioned
INS ShardulVisakhapatnam24 December 1975June 1997Decommissioned
INS SharabhVisakhapatnam27 January 197615 July 2011Decommissioned
INS CheetahPort BlairFebruary 1985Commissioned
INS ManishPort Blair4 June 198511 November 2016Decommissioned
INS Guldar Port BlairDecember 1985Commissioned
INS KumbhirPort BlairNovember 1986Commissioned