The Theory of Evolution written in Indian scriptures by Indian Sages

The Theory of Evolution

Our culture has faced many invasions throughout history. At first, Islamic invasion tried to destroy our culture by destroying our architecture. They destroyed our temples in order to weaken our culture. 

After the Mughals, our culture faced western invaders who tried to destroy our knowledge by criticising our vedic knowledge. They referred to our ancient and advanced science as primitive and orthodox.

They were successful at some point too because if we notice, in our education system we can see some references of invasions. Our textbook teaches us about how powerful Mughals were. They do not state the fact that they destroyed more than 2,000 temples in India. 

There are also many aftereffects of western invasions in our today’s society. 

The theory of evolution was published 5,000 years ago. I have evidence and I can prove it too.

Our books, teachers and even the Internet also tells us that the theory of evolution was found in 1859 by Charles Darwin. He published his theory 163 years ago.

Many people don’t know the theory of evolution written 5,000 years ago. Ancient Hindu scriptures “the Vedas” published the theory of evolution 5,000 years ago. Even many of us have heard of them but we are unable to identify the scientific aspect behind them. We only remember it as a story or a myth and there are many other names given to them.

Guys, I am talking about the avatars of “Lord Vishnu”. I am sure you have heard about the avatars of Lord Vishnu.   

Let’s begin the journey to understand the scientific aspects of avatars 

In hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu took avatars and came to earth to establish righteousness among humans.The avatars are namely- Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Vamana, Parshurama, Rama, and Krishna.


The theory of evolution Matsya avatar

Matsya’s avatar was the first avatar of Lord Vishnu. Let me tell you the short story of this avatar. Lord Vishnu took this avatar to save the first human “manu” (Manu means human in Sanskrit) from a great apocalypse. It’s a long story of how he saved  “manu” and other species but we are here to understand the scientific theory of the Matsya avatar.

Matsya avatar represents the origin of life from water and manu represents humans. So, it clearly says that humans originated from water. It is the exact same thing that modern theory of evolution explains.


The theory of evolution Kuruma avatar

Kurma avatar is the second avatar of Lord Vishnu. It explains the amphibious form which creatures took when they tried to roam on land. 

In Hindu mythology Lord Vishnu took this avatar to help gods and demons during “samudra manthan” in which they churn the sea with the help of “Mandara” mountain. But to churn the sea they needed something as a base. To serve as a base Lord Vishnu became a turtle and holded the mountain on its back. 


The theory of evolution Varaha avatar

The third avatar of the Lord Vishnu is “Varaha”- a boar. This indicated the evolution further to the mammals stage. A creature capable of living on land, and has no need to live in water. 

In Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu incarnated in order to save the mother earth from a demon named- Hiranyaksha. The demon drowned mother earth so Lord Vishnu took the avatar of Varaha and carried mother earth to safety and he also defeated the demon and saved mother earth.


The theory of evolution Narasimha

Lord Narasimha explains the further evolution as it has the body of a human and a face of a Lion. This avatar exactly shows the time in which humans were evolving as there was a phase where humans have the face of monkeys and the body of a human. 

In Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu took the avatar of Lord Narasimha to save his beloved devotee Bhakta Prahalada from the demon Hiranyakashyap, who was the father of Prahalada. A festival devoted to the victory of good over evil is celebrated in India as Holi- the festival of colours.


The theory of evolution Vamana

The fifth avatar of Lord Vishnu is the Vamana avatar. A short and intelligent man which shows the time when humans attained knowledge. 

In hindu Mythology, Vamana was incarnated to check the devotion of King Bali. As he asked King Bali to claim 3 steps of land. Bali accepted his request and Vamana grew in size as soon a s he said yes. In two steps Vamana claimed earth and heaven but he didn’t have a place to put his third foot. King Bali asked Lord Vamana to put the third foot on his head. Lord Vamana was very delighted upon hearing this he gave the Patal lok to King Bali.



The sixth avatar of Vishnu “Parshurama” indicates a period of time when humans roamed on jungles and had a very aggressive nature. Evolution is not just physical, it’s mental too. Avatars of Lord Vishnu also show the evolution of minds. This is something not even Darwin can’t find out. As by his experiments he can only tell the biological evolution of humans not their mental evolution.

In Hindu Mythology, Parshurama is considered as a living avatar of Lord Vishnu as he was “chiranjeevi”. His primary motive to come to earth was to defeat “Sahastrabahu” and make earth free from evil rulers. He is included in both the epics of Hindu mythology that is – Ramayana and Mahabharata. 



The seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu is Rama. He is considered to be the “Maryada Purushottam”, which means ideal man. Lord Rama indicates the evolution of humans towards a peaceful life. 

Theory of evolution also explains that humans started a peaceful life after roaming in the jungles. 

In Hindu mythology, Lord Rama came on earth to destroy evil and restore “dharma” on earth. Let me be very clear that dharma doesn’t mean “religion” it means “righteousness”. 

He defeated the evil demon “Ravana” and throughout his life he made many sacrifices to make the world a better place.

भारत के नक्शे पर अंकित है भगवान श्री राम का नाम



Krishna is the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu. He shows a kind man who doesn’t misuse his powers. Lord Krishna shows the evolution towards guidance as he was capable of defeating everybody but he just used his words to defeat evil. 

Lord Krishna showed that with good guidance and great resolve anyone can defeat evil, It doesn’t matter who it is or what kind of evil it is. 

In Hindu mythology, he was born to kill the demon “Kans” and he guided pandavas in the biggest battle in history “The Mahabharata” against Kaurava. It was his guidance which led the victory of “dharma” against “adharma”.