The Training Of The Indian Army Soldiers


The training of the Indian Army takes place in training centers at different places. Whenever a jawan is recruited, he is sent to a training center like Jabalpur training center of Signal, Goa, Jat Regiment’s Bareilly, ASC’s Bangalore, EME’s Secunderabad. Similarly, all the regiments have their own training centers where the soldiers of that regiment are trained.

Aim of Training 

The Academy focuses on overall development and confidence building of Officer Cadets so as to evolve physically and mentally fit junior leaders bearing sound character, professional acumen, discipline, determination and team spirit, thus preparing them to be effective military leaders of tomorrow.


To train Officer Cadets as proficient Junior Leaders capable of independently commanding a rifle platoon with understanding of sub unit administration.

Objectives of Training 

Character & Leadership Development

  • To develop attributes of honor, integrity, devotion to duty, selflessness, loyalty, discipline and team spirit.
  • To develop initiative, foresight, innovative mind, ability to cope with ambiguity, plan meticulously and take right and timely decisions.
  • To develop combat leadership qualities to include high moral & ethics, physical courage and will power to undertake relentless & decisive action, particularly under difficult, dangerous & adverse conditions.
  • Intrinsic motivation to set and achieve high standards.

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Military Development

  • To impart basic military knowledge & tactical expertise at platoon level.
  • To provide basic skills in handling and firing of platoon weapons.
  • To lay the foundation for the pursuit of military studies.
  • To impart basic knowledge of administration at sub unit level.

Physical Development

  • To achieve a high standard of mental and physical fitness with an ability to withstand protracted stress and strain.
  • To achieve high standards of military bearing and drill.
  • To inculcate a spirit of adventure.

Intellectual Development

  • To enhance analytical and communication skills.
  • To provide a scientific orientation to keep abreast of technological advancement, particularly in the field of Warfare and IT.
  • To encourage pursuit of hobbies and recreational activities as a source of creativity, diversion and relaxation.

Types of Training

Officer Cadets are trained on various aspects as under:-

Weapon Training

Weapon Training of OTA offers a wide range of exposure in weapon handling. All Officer Cadets who pass out from the Academy undergo this Weapon training and achieve standards of “EK GOLI, EK DUSHMAN”. Officer Cadets are trained on various weapons held with the Indian Army at the Platoon and Company level.

Service Subjects

  • Indoor classes
  • Lecture and Demonstrations
  • Outdoor exercises
  • Tactical Exercises Without Troops
  • Camps
  • Final Assessment Test

Academic Subjects

The various service subjects covered during training at OTA are as follows:-

  • Tactics
  • Map Reading
  • Radio Telephony
  • Organization and Administration
  • Integrated Character and Leadership Training
  • Field Engineering
  • Military Writing
  • Intelligence and Security
  • Military Law

Physical Training – PPT, BPET

At the end of Junior Term the Offer Cadets should achieve the following minimum standards

Physical Proficiency TestGCLC
2.4 Km Run10 Min13.30 Min
5 Mtr Shuttle15 
Sit Ups3030
Chin Ups06 
Toe Touch06
Push Ups137
Swimming 25 Mtrs (Any two Strokes)

At the end of training at OTA, Officer Cadets should achieve the following minimum standards:-

60 Meter Sprint60 Meter Sprint20 Sec
20 Sec As per Test Std
Vertical Rope3 meters Climb
Horizontal Rope6 meters

Equitation Training

Officer Cadets are imparted training in fundamentals of horsemanship, advanced horsemanship, advanced training in obstacle courses, tent pegging and elementary jumping. The Equitation Section boasts of a complement of 34 horses which include tent pegging, polo ponies, show jumping and draught horses.

Games / Competitions

Games and Sports form an integral part of physical oriented training in the Academy. Aim of games and sports is to train all Officer Cadets in developing esprit de corps, qualities of sportsmanship and leadership. Every Officer Cadet at the end of his/her training at the OTA should be proficient to play and organize troop games based on his aptitude and skills. The level of proficiency must enable an Officer Cadet to play and organize games in his unit/sub unit and identify himself with the troops.


The Officer Cadets hone their skills and are provided a fresh window of opportunity to develop their physical and mental stamina, vide a number of clubs in OTA,which incl following

  • A state of art Skeet Shooting Range
  • Archery
  • Gymnastics
  • Continuity Drill
  • Shooting
  • Driving & Maintenance
  • Parasailing
  • Arts & Sculpture
  • Horse Riding
  • Sailing
  • Squash
  • Tennis
  • Photography
  • Journalism and Creative Writing
  • Music & Dramatics
  • Golf
  • Rock Climbing
  • Computer Club

Outdoor Exercises

Life in the Army is about serving in the Field Areas in the outdoors under open skies and starry nights. As part of progressive training at OTA, Chennai the training through classrooms, demonstrations finally culminates in outdoor training in various outdoor exercises. Despite being located in a metropolitan area, OTA, Chennai is fortunate to have outdoor training areas in close vicinity of the Academy which are suitable for imparting realistic training in various types of terrain.

The following Outdoor Exercises are conducted in training:-

Junior Term

EX-Pravesh :- The first exercise in the Academy life of the Officer Cadets which introduces him/her to the Camp life and to the basics of Map Reading and Navigation by day and night using compass and map.

EX-Nomad :- A Defence exercise pitched at Section Level with emphasis on Patrolling and Ambush Drills.

EX- Chindits :- This exercise equips the Officer Cadets to handle a Platoon during Quick Attack.

EX- Shatrujit :- This exercise aims at training the Officer Cadets in planning and Conduct of Defensive battle, Patrolling and Deliberate Attack at Platoon level.

Senior Term

EX- Prahar :- This exercise is primarily on conventional raids.

EX- Khojbeen :- A navigation exercise with Map and GPS.

EX-Parvat Vijay :- This exercise is aimed at giving practice to the Officer Cadets of the Senior Course in the tactical handling of a Platoon in the Defence and Attack operations of War in mountains.

EX-Sarp Vinaash :- This exercise is designed to practice the Officer Cadets in handling a Platoon in an intense CI/CT environment.

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