The year 2023 is good for Aquarius in work and business.

Aquarius Horoscope 2023

According to astrology, Aquarius is ruled by Shani Dev. Let us tell you that Shani Dev is considered a justice-loving deity and he gives fruits to a person according to his deeds. On the other hand, if we look at the position of the planets in the transit horoscope of Capricorn on January 1, 2023, then Jupiter is in the second house of your transit horoscope and Moon and Rahu are in the third house. Whereas Mars is situated in the fourth house. Along with this, Sun and Mercury are situated in the 11th house. Whereas Saturn and Venus are situated in the 12th house. Planet Ketu is sitting in the ninth house.

Along with this, let us know that on January 17, Shani Dev will transit in the lagna house. Due to which the second phase of Sade Sati will start on you. Also, Jupiter will enter the third house of your transit horoscope. On the other hand, Rahu will enter the second house in October and Ketu will transit in the eighth house. Let us know how the year 2023 will be for the people of Aquarius (Kumbh Rashifal 2023) in terms of career, business and family life.

Aquarius 2023 Career and education (2023 में कुंभ राशि का करियर)

According to Vedic astrology, the year 2023 can prove to be good for the students associated with Aquarius. This year you can study abroad. You can enroll in any higher course. But the aspect of Rahu on Saturn can distract the attention of the students. Due to which studies can be affected. That’s why don’t be careless.

Aquarius 2023 Married Life And Relationship (कुंभ राशि 2023 वैवाहिक जीवन और संबंध)

This year, the people of Aquarius can prove to be mixed in matters of married life and love affairs. Because Shani Dev will enter your ascendant house on January 17 and from there he will aspect the seventh house. Due to which ups and downs can be seen in the relationship. Because when the planet Saturn enters the ascendant, there will be an increase in anger. Also, misunderstanding can be seen in relationships. But Jupiter is situated in an auspicious place in your transit chart. That’s why the conditions will remain good due to the auspicious effect of Jupiter.

Aquarius 2023 Business (2023 में कुंभ राशि का व्यवसाय)

The year 2023 can prove to be good for you in terms of work and business. But challenges will remain. You will have to face competition in job and business. Your opponents will try to bring you down. That’s why You should avoid debate. Also avoid starting a new job. Employed people may get new job offers in the middle of the year.

Aquarius 2023 Health (2023 में कुंभ राशि का स्वास्थ्य)

In the year 2023 also you should be careful about your health. Because Shani Dev will transit in your zodiac only. Therefore your laziness may increase. That’s why some work may get delayed, due to which you may have to bear the loss. On the other hand, due to Shani Dev being in the lagna house, you may have body pain, back pain, joint and spinal related problems. Along with this, some chronic disease can also emerge. You should especially take care in the months of January, March, June, July, November and December. Be careful while driving.

Do this great remedy 2023 (कुंभ राशि 2023 के उपाय)

This year you should recite Shani Chalisa every Saturday. Recite Hanuman Chalisa also and offer Chola on Tuesday. Also, from time to time, the nine planets can bring peace.

Lucky colors for Aquarius: purple and light blue

Lucky Metals for Aquarius: Aluminum

Lucky numbers for Aquarius: 3,7 and 9

Lucky Stones for Aquarius: Blue-sapphire