Top 5 Inventions in India that revolutionized the world


Indians have contributed to shaping the world in ways you couldn’t even imagine. The inventions that happened in India are some of the most common things used in daily life. Without them the modern world wouldn’t be shaped like it is now. To end your curiosity, here are the Top 5 Inventions in India that changed the world. 

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Yes the same buttons that everyone uses throughout the world was first invented and used in India. The difference is that at that time people used seashells in their attire. It was first discovered in the Indus Valley Civilisation for ornamental purposes by 2000 BCE. Some buttons were carved into geometric shapes and had holes pierced into them so that they could be attached to clothing by using a thread.

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Natural Fibers

The natural fibers from which your clothes are made have their origin from India. The world’s finest-cashmere wool came from the Kashmir region of India. Before colonization, India was one of the biggest textile exporters in the world. The inhabitants of the Indus Valley Civilisation grew cotton during the 5th millennium–4th millennium BCE. They converted the cotton into threads, which were later used in fabrics. Also, since ancient times, India has been growing jute and exporting raw jute to the West.

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The shampoo we use in our hair also came from India. Today there are many brands which use chemicals in these shampoos but at that time there were only herbal shampoos. Since Ancient times, India has had a variety of herbs and their extracts which were used as shampoos. Evidence of early herbal shampoo has been discovered from the Indus Valley Civilization site of Banawali dated to 2750–2500 BCE. The English word ‘shampoo’ itself derives from the Hindi word ‘chāmpo’, which comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Chapayati’, meaning massage or knead.

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The USB used in the computers was invented by an Indian-born American computer architect named Ajay Bhatt. It is a little removable storage device that is capable of holding a large chunk of data storage and transfer. Plus, it’s easy to carry and use. Even today this device is used widely to transfer data and information. 

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Wireless Communication

Many people don’t know that wireless communication was invented by J.C Bose. He conducted the first public demonstration of microwave transmission in Calcutta in 1895. The fact is he conducted this demonstration 2 years before Marconi in England. But still people believe that it was Marconi who invented it. This invention by J.C. Bose revolutionized the technology sector and it became the foundation for the technology used in mobile telephony, radars, satellite communication, radios, television broadcast, WiFi, remote controls and countless other applications.

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