Top 5 Venomous Snakes in India

Dangerous Snakes

Snakes are found on every continent except antarctica. They are widely spread all over the world. Snakes are limbless reptiles belonging to the order Serpentes. There are around 3,000 species of snakes all over the world. However, most species of them are non-venomous as compared to venomous species. 

In India, nearly 300 species of snakes are found in which more than 60 species are venomous. But more than 180 species of them are non-venomous in India. In India, they are worshipped as “naag devta” . Actually they only attack when they sense danger however many snakes choose to flee from humans. But if you step on the snake they will definitely attack you to save themselves.  

In India, you should just try to stay away from the snakes given below as they are the top 5 most dangerous snakes in India. 

Top 5 Venomous snakes of India:-

King Cobra 

 Venomous snakes

Regarded as the national reptile of India. King Cobra is the world’s longest venomous snake. Its average length is 4m and may grow up to 5.85m. It mainly prey on snakes of other species as well as its own. The King Cobra avoids human confrontation as much as possible. They have the ability to strike the target at long range. When they are provoked, they bite and rather than fleeing they sustain and inject large amounts of venom. So everyone should avoid provoking them. They are listed as Vulnerable in IUCN red List.

Russell’s Viper

snakes of India

Regarded as one of the big four snakes in India. The Russell’s Viper can get 1.24m long and the type locality is listed as India. They primarily feed on rodents and lizards and they are the reason that vipers are attracted to human settlements. They are nocturnal but during winter season they are more active in days. When provoked, they become very aggressive. They don’t like being picked up and they may bite. Their bite may be a snap and they hang on for many seconds.

Common Krait 

 Venomous snakes

One of the big four snakes of India. The Common Krait are highly poisonous and can grow up to 1.75m and they are responsible for the second-highest number of snake bites in India. They primarily feed on other snakes as well as their own species. They are mostly active during nights, so that’s not a good time to touch this snake. When provoked, they bite and hold for a while enabling it to inject a considerable amount of venom.

Indian Cobra

 Venomous snakes

Indian Cobra is one of the big four snakes of India. The Indian Cobra can grow up to 1.5m. Encounter with humans is quite common in India as they wander in search of food. When provoked, they will stand on the upper third of the body, and start hissing very loudly. People know how dangerous they are so they should avoid provoking it in any manner. 

Indian Saw-Scaled Viper

 Venomous snakes

They are the smallest members of the big four snakes of India. These venomous snakes can grow up to 80cm. They are mostly nocturnal and during daytime they prefer to hide in various locations. During the rainy season, they are most active. Like any other snake they also avoid human contact. They have great camouflage so they are not easily seen and people often step on them and get bitten.  

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