7 Great Ayurvedic Tips for Summer Season


Summer has begun !! I believe that everyone will have their plans for summer. Some will go to coasts, some will go to mountains. But beware of summer’s side effects! In Northern India people get heat from April onwards and at the end of the month the temperature spikes high. In May and June the temperature can reach more than 40 degree celsius. Around this time a lot of people get heat strokes because of the high temperature. You can read our article on 7 Amazing Herbs to beat the heat strokes.  However to deal with the heat we have these 7 Important Ayurvedic tips for Summer.

Ayurvedic Sunbathing

Suffering from heat, try sunbathing, I know it sounds kind of silly that we are suggesting you to go to the sun as a tip for Summer. But read this properly and you will know why we are suggesting it. 

See, You just have to take a 10-to-15-minute walk at sunrise, when the gentle rays that fall on your face and skin. According to ayurveda, it will be a mood lifter for you which is similar to serotonin and melatonin which promotes creativity and joy. Sunlight also helps stimulate the body’s production of vitamin D—a fat-soluble vitamin that plays an important role in calcium absorption, which in turn leads to stronger bones.

Stay Hydrated 

The most given and the best advice for anyone in the summer is to ask them to stay hydrated. The intense heat of summer steals the hydration from your body and makes you tired easily and this happens to everyone not just humans but plants and animals face it too. It is suggested to add an extra pinch of salt in your food in the summer to compensate for sweating and to prevent fatigue. We also suggest filling some water pots and putting it on your roof for birds just for the cause of humanity. 

Eating Cool Foods

Yes ! You read it right, cool foods but that doesn’t mean you have to refrigerate the food. Cool foods means leafy greens, coconut, cucumber, muskmelon, and watermelon. If you like dairy products you can use  yogurt, milk, and ghee (clarified butter). 

Garnish salads and other dishes with cooling coriander, parsley, and alfalfa sprouts, and avoid hot drinks, spicy food, alcohol, caffeine, and chilies.

Moisturize daily

In summer skin burns are also quite common especially if you are on a beach. Or even in your daily life you want your skin to be moisturized and cool.

To make it happen read and apply this ayurvedic tip. After showering, mix one teaspoon each of organic, unrefined coconut oil and castor oil in a glass bottle with a cap. Place the bottle in hot water until the oil is lukewarm (not hot!). Apply to your whole body to keep your skin supple, soft, and cool. 

Before swimming in the sea you can also use this treatment to protect your skin from salt water or chlorine.

Apply Neem Oil

In summers the insects increase quite in number especially if you are in a place close to farms they will haunt you all the time. To relieve this problem you can apply equal parts tea tree oil and neem oil to itchy bug bites. You can also use neem oil as a natural bug repellant. These methods are eco friendly and ayurvedic means it will not have side effects so try it. 

Summer Meditation

Summer Meditation is the best for you because it praises the source of life, the Sun. For thousands of years, yogis have begun their day with natural practices that honors surya (Sun). A walk at sunrise to absorb the early morning rays will give you energy and a good mindset for the rest of the day. 

Ayurvedic Night Regime

At the end of the day one should sleep on the terrace, facing moonlight. Exhaustion due to the heat of the day is relieved by anointing the body with paste of sandalwood, wearing garlands, wearing very light and thin dress.