Top Projects of BRO giving headache to China

Top Projects of BRO giving Headache to China

India is continuing beefing up infrastructure for better connectivity to the Line of Actual Control with China, even as troops from both countries are locked in a standoff in Ladakh following China objecting to Indian road construction activities in the region. A major “milestone” has been achieved by BRO in the construction of a strategic tunnel in Uttarakhand that will provide faster mobility to troops and equipment to the border with China.

Amid rising tension along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China, the Border Road Organization (BRO) has pushed the neighboring country on the backfoot through its project. This is because in the last two years, the BRO has made more than 200 projects. The interesting thing is that most of these projects have also been completed in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh. Both these areas are very important from a strategic perspective.

BRO’s DG Lt Gen Rajeev Chaudhary said, ‘The government has shown more confidence in BRO and has increased the budget. This has accelerated due to the use of new technology and change in working style. In 2021, 102 projects (87 bridges and 15 roads), while in 2022 103 projects (67 bridges, 30 roads and 6 helipads) were completed.

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BRO to lay a network of roads near LAC

BRO road till Arunanchal Yangtze

Lt Gen Chaudhary said, ‘Our focus is on all types of construction. The world’s highest road has been built at 19000 feet in Ladakh. DSDBO is working vigorously on Alternate connectivity. After the Shyok bridge is built, tanks will be easily accessible. A Class 70 bridge has been constructed at Flag Hill Dhokla. On the road going from Manali to Sarchu, there are three big passes, one Baralachla, Lachungla, Tanggangla… The survey of Baralachla has been completed and the rest two will be completed in three-four months.

The 11 Tunnels of BRO

BRO Tunnel

He said that DPR has to be submitted and when these tunnels are completed then it will be easier for the army. The official said, “Shinkula tunnel is also planned on the road connecting Atal tunnel to Lahaul Spiti and Zanskar, which is at a height of 16000 feet. Presently working on 11 tunnels and 9 tunnels are in the final stage. India will work like a world guru in building tunnels at high altitudes in the world.

Road ready till Arunachal’s Yangtze

Giving more details about the project, the DG of BRO said, “The modular bridge has been built on the Doklam Flag Hill. Road has been built up to Doklam, now the army can reach there quickly. The work of 4 tunnels is going on in Arunachal. It is easy to build a road towards China, while it is difficult to build a road towards us… But the difficulties that come in the way of building roads are not in front of us. We have built a road up to Yangtze and are also preparing a road up to the upper reaches of LAC.

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