UCC (Uniform Civil Code)

UCC (Uniform Civil Code)

Guys! Do you know that the Indian Government is trying to implement Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in India. After the implementation of UCC, the community rules will no longer be practiced. 

We know that some conservative people will oppose this but do you know why it is necessary?

Firstly, let’s talk about the need of UCC in India :-

India after Independence has faced many riots like Kashmir Riots, Gujarat Riots, Anti- Sikh Riots etc in which many Indians died. 

What are the reasons for these riots ? The only reason was that the communities didn’t think of equality among peoples. Their conservative thinking took the lives of many Indians. 

India is a secular country meaning everyone here is equal in the eyes of law and constitution.

So, why do we need personal laws for different communities in India ? They are just a barrier among peoples equality. 

Letrs take Divorce as an example, different communities have different ways of taking divorces but they later have to do the legal formalities so what’s the point of having a different rule for divorces. 

According to Article 44,  the Constitution expects Indian States to follow certain directive principles and common law for all the Indian citizens while planning national policies.

UCC introduction

Why is it opposed ?

Conservative sections of different communities are opposing this law. They say that it is a threat to religious freedom. People need different laws to protect their freedom. 

History of UCC in India :-

Actually it was brought by the British in India. As they needed uniformity in codification of Indian law. But they put personal laws of communities outside such codification. 

It was done to make big differences between communities.

Also to implement their Divide and Rule Policy. 

After the Independence of India, the first Prime Minister of India, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, and his women supporters wanted the “Uniform Civil Code” to be implemented and Bhimrao Ambedkar also recommended the adoption of Uniform Civil Code. But the conservatives did not let them do that and even today we are unable to implement it.

Conclusions :-

We need equality in everything but until personal laws are abolished we can’t have equality in a true sense. This law isn’t going to take anyone’s fundamental rights but it will give equal rights to everyone. Our country has one constitution and so we also need one rule for everything we don’t need laws who are discriminating between communities.