Want to achieve financial happiness!! wear Hessonite. 

Hessonite Ring

Rahu and Hessonite 

According to Vedic Astrology Planet Rahu is considered as a shadow planet. Here shadow means Rahu show their effect but without authority, their behavior strongly depends on the effect of other planets. Because this Shadow planet/Planet Rahu native behaves like he has achieved everything and their tone like a king. They feel every work is so easy for him.

Daydreaming becomes part of their life and they pull others in danger along with themselves.  

Hessonite pendent

Under the influence of planet Venus it supports you in every condition. You will get money from undesirable sources like gambling, share market. But native should be aware that this can also draw you towards intoxicants and regular gambling. Chances of lose money much faster than you acquire.

Who can Wear:

If native can save himself from the habit of intoxicants and gambling then he/she should wear hessonite gemstone. 

Officer of a small organization, or work in a drug company, involved in illegal work, or in a circus then wearing hessonite beneficial for you. 

Doctor who wants a sudden promotion or you are a space scientist then wearing hessonite beneficial for you.


This effective gemstone can be reason for accident and fight with others therferore before wearing this gemstone one should consult with experienced astrologer.

Hessonite ring
Hessonite Ring

This gemstone is responsible for acquiring sudden money but also ends twice the speed. That’s why self control is very important after wearing Hessonite. 

Brocken or cracked Hessonite should not wear. Native should avoid used Hessonite Gemstone. 

Ruby, Pearl, Coral and Yellow Sapphire gemstones should not be wear along with hessonite. 

Type of hessonite and price:

Hessonite is of three types

  • Indian Hessonite :- It looks dark black in colour. A good hessonite is available almost 300/- per ct 
  • African Hessonite
  • It looks like wine colour. Its price started from 350/- ct and ranges upto 1000/- ct.
  • Srilankan Hessonite:- Srilankan Hessonite is considered very beautiful and mesmerizing.Their price starts from 700 per carat and goes upto 5500/- ct.

How to Wear:

Hessonite at least wears 5.00 ratti or above 5.00 ratti for proper functioning. This should be worn as a ring or as a pendant in silver. Ring should be worn on the left hand middle finger. 

This ring should be worn on saturday or on monday. Sunrise is the best time to wear hessonite. Wear this with a positive attitude, good things will follow you.