Womens in Indian Armed Forces


Should womens join the Indian Armed Forces?

Many people are asking these kinds of questions. But womens in history have proved that they can play a much bigger role than medic in the armed forces. 

The role of womens in the armed forces began as the Indian Military Nursing Service in 1888 and the British started it. British Indian Army nurses fought in World War I and in World War II, where more than 350 nurses lost their lives.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose also made a Women’s Regiment in the Indian National Army. Rani of the Jhansi regiment was the name of the women’s regiment in the Indian National Army.

After Independence, women were ineligible for regular commission under the Army Act of 1950. The Army Medical Corps became the first unit of the Indian Army to grant regular commissions to women on 1 November 1958. 

Gertrude Alice Ram, became the first woman officer in the Indian Army to achieve the rank of major general. She was also the first to attain a two star rank in the  Indian Armed Forces.

 After 1992, they were only inducted in Indian Army only in short service commission. They were first inducted as permanent commissioned officers in 2008 as Legal and Education Corps. Womencan now join 8 more corps from 2020 as permanent commissioned officers. 

They can now join Paratrooper wings like Para EME, Para signals, Para ASC etc.

The branches Womens cant join right now are :-

Defence Security Corps

Pioneer Corps

Armoured Regiments

Infantry Regiments

Mechanised Regiments

Remount and Veterinary Corps 

The number of women in the Indian Armed Forces has increased in the last few years. They are now joining as fighter pilots and as a commando. 

Womens In Indian Air Force
Womens In Indian Air Force

The Indian Navy has the highest number of womens in its workforce among the three services at 6.5%. According to reports, In 2021 there are 6,807 womens in the Indian Armed Forces and the number of men serving is 12,18,036. 

Womens In Indian Navy
Womens In Indian Navy