Year 2023 is very pleasant for people with Cancer Zodiac

Cancer Horoscope 2023

The coming time is going to be very pleasant for people with Cancer Zodiac. However, at the beginning of the year itself, on January 17, the planet Saturn will enter the eighth house of Cancer. Due to its effect, the natives of Cancer zodiac will be covered by Shani.

In such a situation, due to the inauspicious effects of Saturn, they may have to suffer some problems, but due to the auspicious position of the planet Jupiter, such people will continue to progress.

In the month of May, Devguru Jupiter transiting in Aries along with Rahu will create Guru Chandal Dosha. In this way, to know what will be the effect of auspicious and inauspicious alliances of various planets on the people of Cancer zodiac, must read the whole article.

Cancer 2023 Career (कर्क राशि 2023 करियर)

Looking at the movement of the planets, it can be said that luck will always be with you from January to April. Wherever there is a problem, its solution will also be found there.

After April, there can be ups and downs in career, although this will also prove to be auspicious for you later. There may be a job change, or there may be a transfer to some other place.

After June, due to work, foreign travel can also be made possible.

From August onwards, you will start taking risks in your career, the pleasant effects of which will be visible to you by the end of next year.

If you do business, there are chances of growth in that too. According to the New Year’s Horoscope, success will accompany you in whatever project you put your hand into.

If you want to buy a new vehicle then wait till October. A vehicle bought at this time can harm you. October is becoming a suitable time to buy a vehicle. At that time you can also buy a big property.

Cancer 2023 family and love relationship (कर्क राशि 2023 प्रेम जीवन)

In the beginning of the year 2023, there may be some difficulties in married life. Due to the combination of Saturn and Venus, there will be a tense relationship between husband and wife. Later, due to the compatibility of Jupiter, the marriage relationship will be sweet.

At the end of the year, your married life will be completely perfect and you can also go on a big trip. People who are unmarried can get married.

If we talk about children, then their health may be a bit bad, otherwise their fortune will be bright in every way. Your children can achieve success in any big competition.

There will be estrangement in the family due to which the mind will remain upset. Family life will remain tense till October, after that there will be peace and happiness in the family.

You may be mentally agitated due to the ill health of the mother.

Cancer 2023 and education (कर्क राशि 2023 शिक्षा)

In terms of education, the year 2023 will give mixed results. The transit of Saturn on January 17 will keep the mind restless due to which the mind will not be able to study.

People looking for internships and jobs after studies can get some good news. You can get an opportunity to study abroad.

Cancer 2023 health (कर्क राशि 2023 स्वास्थ्य)

Due to Shani’s transit (शनि की साढ़े साती), you may suffer from some chronic disease. Pay attention to your health and keep getting regular medical checkups done.

After the month of May, you may get troubled due to pneumonia or other lung diseases. Avoid eating and drinking anything outside, otherwise there will be a fear of deteriorating health.

The last two months of the year 2023 will be favorable from the point of view of health.

Do these measures (कर्क राशि के उपाय)

If you are a Cancerian and want to avoid these adverse effects of Saturn and Rahu in the new year, then it will be appropriate for you to do the following measures.

Recite Shri Shiva Sahasranama Srot or Shivashtak regularly.

To please Lord Shiva, fast on Monday and worship his Chandrashekhar form.

Avoid eating outside food as much as possible to avoid diseases. Along with this, recite Shiva Tandav Source daily.

On a Monday in Shukla Paksha, wear pearls in the little finger of the hand.

Lucky colors for Cancer:  Blue, Silver 

Lucky Metals for Cancer: Silver

Lucky numbers for Cancer:  5, 6, 8

Lucky Stones for Cancer : Pearl