Year 2023 will bring strong good Luck to the people of Leo

Leo Horoscope 2023

In the beginning of the new year 2023 itself, Jupiter will be sitting in the eighth house of Leo. The planet Saturn will also enter the seventh house of Leo sign i.e. Aquarius on January 17, 2023. Saturn becomes dominant here. In such a situation, the coming year is going to bring strong good fortune and Raja Yoga for the people of Leo zodiac sign. Due to the influence of Jupiter, the people of Leo zodiac sign will have a lot of religiousness this year. The new year is going to bring some very important changes for the people of Leo zodiac, which will change their destiny forever.

Jupiter will enter Aries on 23rd April 2023 which is the ninth sign of Leo. After this, the golden time of the people of Leo will start. Suddenly their sources of income will increase, they will start getting respect and prestige in the society. There will also be chances of long religious journeys. In short, we can say that whatever work you put your hand in, you will be unexpectedly successful in that. Know what the new year will bring for the people of Leo zodiac sign.

Leo 2023 career and business (सिंह राशि 2023 करियर)

In terms of career, the coming year will be very good for Leo people. Those doing private jobs can be promoted or jobs can change. You may have to face opposition from colleagues, but you will be victorious in that too. There are possibilities of getting a vehicle from the office.

In terms of business too, this year there will be four-fold progress day and night. Traveling abroad is possible for business reasons. If you are making a new investment, do not do it without thinking. Failure to do so may result in heavy losses. Avoid getting entangled with government officials knowingly or unknowingly, the work being done will also get spoiled.

In terms of money, the month of July can be volatile. Financial crunch may have to be faced. If you remove this one month, then the whole year is going to be very good. You can buy a big property in the month of November. You may possibly build your own house or renovate the old house itself.

Leo 2023 family and love relationship (सिंह राशि 2023 प्रेम जीवन)

At the beginning of the year, the Sun is in the fifth house with Mercury. This is a favorable position for love affairs. The monotony and bitterness that has been going on in the relationship for a long time will go away and mutual love will increase. The planet Rahu will transit from Aries to Pisces on 30 October. Due to this, marriages can be made for unmarried people.

If we talk about family, then the coming year will be mixed. Family peace can be disturbed. Or you may have to move away from your family. If you speak thoughtfully then there will be peace in the family. Due to the effect of planets, there will be fierceness in your nature, control it, otherwise there can be a dispute with family members.

Leo 2023 studies (सिंह राशि 2023 शिक्षा)

The conjunction of Sun and Mercury is bringing good news for the people of Leo zodiac. Due to the auspicious effect of the planets, whatever you read, it will be easily remembered. You will also be interested in studies, your trend can turn towards a new subject. Students giving competitive exams will start getting success from April onwards, however for this it will be mandatory to study properly.

Leo 2023 health (सिंह राशि 2023 स्वास्थ्य)

For people whose zodiac sign is Leo, the time to come is going to be careful from the point of view of health. Due to the combination of Sun and Mercury in the fifth house and the combination of Venus and Saturn in the sixth house, you may have to face health related problems. In the coming time, you may have to face problems related to stomach diseases, nervous diseases, mental stress and secret diseases. Be loyal to your life partner as far as possible. According to the New Year Horoscope (2023 Rashifal), Rahu will transit on October 30, after that you may remain troubled due to a sudden illness. Stop eating outside completely.

Do these measures (सिंह राशि के उपाय)

In the year 2023, Leo people will be fine to do some measures. This will lead to growth in their career and business, as well as there will be peace in the family.

Every morning after taking bath, recite Aditya Hridaya Srot and offer half to the sun.

Keep fast on Sunday.

Do Jalabhishek of Lord Shiva daily.

Keep your speech and behavior under control. As far as possible, avoid unnecessary arguments with others.

Lucky colors for Leo: Gold, Orange and Yellow

Lucky Metals for Leo: Gold

Lucky numbers for Leo:  5, 12, 45, and 68

Lucky Stones for Leo : Manik