Yes You can become a billionaire!! Wear Blue Sapphire ..

Blue Sapphire


Everyone is aware about how some people with little effort gain maximum benefit. While on the other hand lots of people even after working so hard to earn benefits. If we look deep into this situation then we will be aware about the position of planet Saturn on the birth chart. Native who possess the good position of Planet Saturn on the birth chart harness maximum benefit to their effort. Blue Sapphire (which is also known as Neelam in Hindi) gemstones are related to planet Saturn and most of the time show their effect as soon as you wear them. 

Their effect is so fast that most people are afraid to wear this gemstone.

Who can wear:

Blue Sapphire is a very beautiful gemstone and you will get an immediate effect after wearing this gemstone. Neelam is beneficial for the people who have Planet Saturn in their benefic house. If native Lagna is Tauraus, Libra, Capricorn, or Aquarius then it is also very beneficial. 

native with lagna of Aries, Gemini, virgo and scorpio also shows limited effect. 

Although this stone always wears after consultation with experienced astrologers.

If Planet Saturn is exalted and making Shash conjunction, and present in profitable state. Then wearing Neelam will be beneficial. 

If you are in a profession related to stone, clay, iron, mineral, machinery or mills or you are union leader and work for them then you should definitely wear this gemstone. 

If you are head of your organization and your decision impacts the flow of work then you should also wear Neelam Gemstone. 

Blue Sapphire

If you are related to some social cause like NGO or other social organization then wearing Blue Sapphire always encourages you. 

Native who are suffering from disease related to bones, or more seriously disease cancer than after an overview of the Birth Chart wearing Blue Sapphire improve their condition.

One theory suggests that violet rays after passing through Neelam are very helpful for many psychological problems.

How to Wear:

Blue Sapphire should be worn more than 3 carat studded in either white gold or silver. Native can also use ashtadhatu for a ring or pendant. Rings should be worn before sunrise or after sunset on saturday. Wearing the constellation of planet Saturn is very auspicious. 

High quality Blue Sapphire is very expensive therefore wearing sub stones is also approved. Among sub-stone Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst are famous. Iolite is also a very popular gemstone to wear.


Many misconceptions of the effect are associated with Neelam Gemstone. People often consult with your trusted astrologer. This gemstone should never wear with disbelief.

After wearing this gemstone native should help torn off people with full hearts. Native should not doubt the effect of this gemstone. 

This Gemstone should never wears along with Ruby, and Coral.

Market of Blue Sapphire:

In the market blue sapphire is available in various ranges which start from 600/ carat to thousand of rupee per carat. Their price depends upon origin, cutting, shape and clarity.

Among origin Bangkok mines , And srilankan mines Blue sapphire is very popular. 

Sub Stone of Blue sapphire is Iolite and Lapise Lazuli availble around 400/- per carat.